Kemppi – a pioneer in welding technology

Kemppi is a world-leading manufacturer of arc welding equipment and a provider of solutions for highly productive welding.

The Kemppi Group in facts and figures

  • Kemppi is a world-leading manufacturer of arc welding equipment and a provider of solutions for highly productive welding.
  • Global revenue totals 111 million euros a year (2013)
  • Production plants: two in Lahti region, Finland and one in Chennai, India
  • Own offices in 16 countries and regular export into 70 different countries
  • About 626 employees
  • Kemppi Oy is a subsidiary of Kemppi Group Oy.

The company still relies on the basic values that have guided its operations from the very beginning. 

  • Entrepreneurship and confidence in our capabilities form the cornerstone of Kemppi's success. They provide a solid foundation for the courage and readiness to take risks that are required for being able to respond to new market situations.
  • Innovativeness, curiosity, and an open-minded attitude in all operations are manifested as continuous searching for new ideas. Inventiveness means the courage to view matters from the other side, too. One should not fear mistakes, but learn from them.
  • Honesty comes naturally to us at Kemppi. One should be honest to oneself in order to be able to treat others honestly. Honesty and reliability go hand in hand – at Kemppi, we keep our promises.
  • Respect for the individual also means respecting differences. Good decisions are made when several opinions are heard and taken into consideration. Respecting other people and understanding their motives makes co-operation easier in an international operating environment.

In its over 60 years of operation, Kemppi has introduced many new innovations to the market, pioneering the development of both welding technology and productive welding solutions. Kemppi will invest in continuous research and product development in the future, too, placing the primary emphasis on usability and design, in addition to the technical quality of the products. 

According to Kemppi's product promise, we will keep the 'Arc Under Control' and always offer its customers more comprehensive solutions than before. 

Kemppi's business operations, today covering the entire world, are still led from the head office in Lahti, Finland. In addition to the sales and administration operations, the unit in Lahti's Okeroinen has a research and product development department and modern manufacturing facilities including new electronics factory built in 2009.

Kemppi has globally 626 employees ensuring the continuous supply and high quality of products, as well as well-functioning customer service. By producing high-quality products and services, Kemppi shows the value it places on ensuring that customers can enjoy welding both during the work and when viewing the results. That is our customer promise: 'The Joy of Welding'.

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